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Live Here? Born Here? This team was built for the lacrosse players of the East Bay. Play for the only team based in your back yard.



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Eastbay Athletics Men's and Women's Lacrosse Teams:

Eastbay Athletics Men’s and Women’s Collegiate/Post-Collegiate Lacrosse teams are comprised of both talented homegrown players, and East Bay transplants. In 2015 our Men’s team will join the NCLA, and be the 8th (and only East Bay based) team in the league, competing against Olympic Club, Barbary Coast, Marin, SF, Palo Alto, Cali Love, and Sacramento. Currently there exists several women’s lacrosse groups in the Bay Area, but no organized adult league and season. We will emulate the NCLA, creating the Northern California Women’s Lacrosse League (NCWLL) for spring 2015, and plan to have 6 teams for the inaugural season, Eastbay Athletics being one of them.

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Men's Squad
Women's Squad

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